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Illegal or not, virtual role-playing that could easily offend many players puts "Second Life" creators at Linden Lab in a tricky spot: Do they try to legislate morality when it's likely that no laws are actually being broken?

Or do they let people do as they wish behind closed virtual doors?

Nonetheless, Kelly Rued, who is developing the sex-themed virtual world "Rapture Online", said she thinks Linden Labs has a responsibility to address the age-play issue because the environment enables those with fantasies about sex play involving children to play them out.

In fact, "Rapture Online" itself will specifically allow sexual age-play, Rued explained, but addresses the issue by making it impossible for avatars to look like children.

"The individuals involved, if it's proven the exploitation occurred, will be banned." But when the issue of age play has surfaced, as it has on numerous occasions in the forums, Linden Lab has taken pains to address the more complex issues that the behavior raises.

"There are people in ('Second Life') who are role-playing (as) children engaged in sexual activities," Harper wrote in the forums.

In short, adult avatars can be dressed in children's clothes, but it's still clear that they are supposed to be adults.

Rued, who is a regular player on "Second Life," said she recognizes that Linden Lab is in a tough situation because it would be nearly impossible to police all of that virtual world for content.

Even so, legal experts said such virtual behavior between adults isn't likely to break the law, since there are no real children involved."This one was just posing like she wanted some action.They stand around and look for action like escorts..(they) age play." That's the sort of role-playing that can be quite disconcerting to some people.But "the data that we have doesn't support that that's a necessary action at this time.The other thing to remember about 'Second Life' is that it is a free-form canvass.

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