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When you pursue a career as a Registered Nurse - Nursing Supervisor , the benefits offered by your healthcare staffing agency have to be more than good. Often, it's the deciding factor in where you take employment.You demand a complete package of benefits and LRS Healthcare delivers.The process will be simple, smooth, and accomplished in a timely manner at well-above industry standards.No lengthy waiting periods or processes for Candidates just to hear about a job opening.Locations can be compared side by side, comparing values with each other, or can be compared with the All Locations value. When looking at a graph you can zoom into a period of time of more interest by clicking on the graph from left to right.This could give you a closer look into the delivery time fluctuations within the interest range.

If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with your purchase, LRS’ professional support staff are ready to help. Unless another return policy is indicated for an item, products manufactured and sold by Long Range Systems, LLC (LRS) are covered by the following return policy.Any orders that don’t ultimately get assigned a location (like to-go orders) are excluded from this report so the data is not skewed.You can see the All Locations view which pulls all locations together, or you can look at an individual location.At LRS Healthcare, we are committed to staffing our clients with top industry talent and helping professionals choose the right facility at which to work.To do this, we provide our staff with the tools to accommodate every Client and Candidate with the utmost importance.

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