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UNITED STATES - MAY 04: Donald Trump at news conference at the GM Building, where CBS announced that Bryant Gumbel will be the host of its new morning news program, "This Morning." Show, to be launched Nov.1, will broadcast from Trump's International Plaza Building., (Photo by Andrew Savulich/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images)Noted respecter of veterans Donald Trump once called dating and sleeping around "my personal Vietnam." Describing himself as " a great and very brave solider,” our current President has recounted with great pride his dating "war" stories.Though, it would appear that he lost far more battles than he won.The number of female celebrities who said they were hit on or otherwise propositioned by Donald Trump is absolutely staggering, with Brooke Shields being just the latest to share her story.Let's cut to the weird part of the Trump-Thompson moment. Sadly, we suspect that we will eventually have to update this list with more names.It happened while Thompson was filming , a movie in which she played a thinly veiled fictional version of Hillary Clinton. Shields says that back in the late '90s, when Trump was divorcing second wife Marla Maples, he called her up with a proposition: "I really think we should date because you’re America’s sweetheart and I’m America’s richest man and the people would love it," Shields claims Trump said.(As a member of "the people," we can confirm that no one would have loved it.) Shields says she politely turned him down by pointing out that she had a boyfriend at the time.

Similarly, job candidates and employers are now going into interviews with the expectation that the person sitting across from them has already done their social media research, making it necessary for both to keep their social media profiles up to date and appropriate.Trump never called the boyfriend, but did ring up Hayek and asked her out. I said, ' I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture.' I took her out furniture—I moved on her like a bitch. And she was married."Hitting on women despite the fact they have a husband or boyfriend?When the actress pointed out she had a boyfriend—indeed they'd all met—Trump allegedly responded, "He’s not good enough for you. You have to go out with me.”Hayek had also earlier revealed that in response Trump or someone close to him planted an item in stating that he had rejected her because she was too short. "He thought that I would try to go out with him so people wouldn't think that's why he wouldn't go out with me." In any event, Hayek eventually wound up marrying Francois Pinault, who, according to estimates, is worth anywhere from eight to 10 times more than Trump. Not that there was any reason to doubt the women who have come forward with their awkward encounters with Trump, but everything they say checks out with Trump's own words."Yeah, I just wondered if I could offer you some accommodation in one of my Trump Towers," Thompson recalls Trump saying. In the tape in which our current President bragged about he could grab women by their genitals because he was so famous, he also admitted to Billy Bush that he struck out with his then-co-host Nancy O' Dell."I moved on her, actually," Trump said. "They’re really comfortable.” When she asked what exactly he meant, Thompson said Trump replied, “Well, I think we would get along very well—maybe have dinner sometime.” Stunned, Thompson promised to call back, but never did.

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