Dating international directory of search engines

After you search billions of available records, information you find can be instantly included in your working family tree.You can give other family members access to either your account or to an online webpage created specifically for collaborating with others who are just as enthusiastic as you about family history research.

Searching Records We used our own family names to find information, starting with verifying the information we already knew to see if the transcriptions of certain records were correct, and then using that information to find more connections.

The best genealogy sites have information from sources overseas, including parish, military and immigration records.

After helping you find your ancestors, some genealogy websites allow you to build a family tree or connect directly to your genealogy software and download the files there.

Ancestry has done a lot of work in transcribing these family search records into English and many other languages to make finding and understanding family histories much easier.

Our Silver Award winner, My Heritage, includes family tree builder tools that are appealing to look at and easy to work with.

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