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The player can have a maximum party of three, consisting of themself, Dogmeat, and a single non-player character.In addition to having Dogmeat in your party you are able to send him out on his own to search for items such as weapons and ammunition, radiation medicine, and stimpaks.The player's party can further be extended, with several temporary quest non-player characters that will stay with them until the quest related to the non-player character is completed, if their quest is never completed however, many will stay permanently with the player until killed.The Karma system is an important feature in Fallout's gameplay.If the "Broken Steel" DLC is installed, the player survives if they activate it themselves, but they also have the option of sending one of their radiation-immune companions to enter the code and start the purifier with no casualties. sample into the water prior to activation, having adverse post-ending effects on the game's side quests. The player will take 90% reduced damage from enemies during this sequence. S., weapon degradation per shot is greatly increased, forcing the player to strike a balance between using more ammunition or losing guns more quickly.The player also has the possibility to enter the F. Main character creation occurs as the player experiences the character's childhood. It should be noted that while the player has a 15% increased critical hit chance while using V. This trade-off allows for two very different play styles throughout the game.The player decides the character's general appearance using a Gene Projection, conducted by the father before the mother dies. cost action points, and the player can target specific body areas for attacks to inflict specific injuries. A dynamic facet of gameplay is that firearms wear out over time of use.

On November 11, 2015, Fallout 3 became backwards compatible exclusively for Xbox One. The introductory sequence introduces the Lone Wanderer (player) to their character's father James, a doctor and scientist in Vault 101.As a child in the Vault, the character receives a book titled "You're SPECIAL," whereupon the player can set the character's seven primary aptitudes. However, worn out firearms of the same type can be combined to make more reliable and powerful weapons.The character receives training weapons and a Pip-Boy 3000 later on during childhood, and the player's performance in various tests determines the rest of the attributes. Weapon schematics can also be found and used to create various devices such as the Rock-It Launcher that can fire various items such as lunchboxes and stuffed animals, or the bottlecap mine, made out of a Vault-Tec lunchbox, cherry bombs, lunchboxes and bottle caps.Dogmeat and Dogmeat's puppies can be given stimpaks to heal them if needed.In the PC version of the game, Dogmeat can then be resurrected via console commands and will continue with the player unaffected.

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