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E no meio de tudo a gare, que nunca dorme Como um coração que tem que pulsar através de vigilia e do sono” “The waking up of Lisbon, later than other cities The waking up of Rua do Ouro The waking up of Rossio Square, at the doors of its cafes Waking up…..

Lisbon The cities biggest open food market is selling everything: from inky octopus and fresh seafood to fabulous fruit, from real Portugese products like ‘hot’ piri-piri to funeral flowers waiting for a dead body…..The idea is simple: you grab the food and drinks from one or several restaurants of your choice (not necessarily the same as your family and friends), and go sit in the food court where you’ll be able to interact with everyone the most popular and incredible garlic steak sandwich in the Portuguese cuisine for many years.The Portuguese eat the prego’s (literally: nails, referring to the full stomach after eating one with mustard or piri-piri) – – Market Lisbon restaurant: fresh seafood Restaurants and terraces outside the market Also new are the restaurants outside the old market: we enjoyed fresh Atlantic seafood and a delicious Portuguese wine.Next to the food market: TIME OUT foodhall & gastronomical area representing the best restaurants and chefs of Lisbon .Where you used to go only for fresh fruit and vegetables, now you have some of the best restaurants and chefs of Lisbon represented.

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