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We are regularly making additions and enhancements to the library, and we gladly accept feature requests and pull requests.There are two components in the architecture that a developer need concern himself in order to use Cytoscape.js, the core (i.e. In Cytoscape.js, the core is a developer’s main entry point into the library.

When desired, the dev can copy objects manually before passing them to Cytoscape. includes all the gestures you would expect out-of-the-box, including pinch-to-zoom, box selection, panning, et cetera. Because allows the user to interact with the graph and the library allows the client to hook into user events, is easily integrated into your app, especially since supports both desktop browsers, like Chrome, and mobile browsers, like on the i Pad.Panning is always measured in rendered coordinates.In this documentation, “position” refers to model position unless otherwise stated.

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